stupid whiny post

i hate my body SO MUCH i know thats like really common but i honestly want to cry half the time i even think about it. like my skin has gotten so bad and i broke out like everywhere and i really dont know why and its really frustrating idk. and at this point i think no matter how much weight i lose ill still feel like a big dumb fatty. i have s o many scars some of them are like 3 years old and i just want them to go AWAy.  i literally hate everything about myself and its just exhausting and i dont want to complain to anyone about it because its so DUMB to me.(not saying ur dumb if you feel the same way)  if u love your body im so jealous cause i just cant do it and ive been trying to for such a long time. i dont want to be so insecure it makes me feel really annoying wow

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